Most Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q

A. We offer a huge variety of accommodation starting from very good quality self-catering studios to private villas and 5* hotels. If you do find a package deal with on of the well known tour operators that suit you better, this is not a problem. You can book your holiday separately to your wedding arrangements.

A. You do not have to book your holiday and stay in the same resort that your wedding will be. Your guests may want to book their holiday in another resort and stay for a less duration in time. Not all guests need to arrive on the same day or fly from the same airport.

A. These weddings are 100% legal. Weddings abroad are not mandatory to be registered in the UK but are acknowledged as being legaly bonded. You can start changing names on certain documents once you have received your English translation of your marriage license. We will take you to the town hall for the specified appointments.

A. You do not have to decide upon a package or a wedding location now. The important thing is to reserve/book your wedding date. All other orders and details can be sorted out at a later time.

A. No, you can pick out any package, mix and match it with any wedding location that suits you.

A. The ceremony takes place in one of our pre-selected romantic areas, unlike other agencies or tour operators that conduct the service in the town hall.

A. When booking with Tsilivi Travel you do not have to be in the country a specified number of days before or after the wedding.

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