Agalas View

Agalas View

Zante Weddings Agalas View

Imagine the contrast of wild and calm, both at the same time.
Breathtaking views, dramatic scenery – quite like a painting.

Escaping the mass tourism and venturing into tradition, this is really a way to tie the knot! Yourselves and guests alike, will be blown away with natural beauty and the simplicity of relying on nature to feed your desires of the perfect romantic setting.
This is the most Idyllic jaw-dropping spot on Zante. It captures the most magnificent Sun Set you’ll ever experience. Agalas is located on the west side of Zakynthos, enveloped on the mountain side and over looking the never ending blue Ionian Sea.
The venue is set in the traditional village of Agalas and above the breathtaking Caves which entails an enchanted tale of the Andrionas Dragon who created the 12 wells, defeated by Damian whom the cave is named after. The area steeps beauty with its never ending blanket of olive trees, pine trees and traditional stone both in natural terrain and Zakynthian houses.
The venue offers numerous quaint corners that tell their own story offering a variety of photo opportunities. Once the sun drops into the sea that is the ideal time to be taken around the area for the unique bronze/gold light captured in your sunset photos,

Due to its unique location up in high mountain sides and the narrow roads we can only reach the venue by mini-bus or car. The reach the actual venue area there are a handful of steps or a small uphill walk.
*caters for group sizes up to 80
*July & August weddings have only a max capacity of 20 persons
*venue cut off time 00:30
*in case of bad weather, tables would need to come under the canopy area. The venue is weather permitting.
*ceremony / reception take place in the same wooden decked area
*although the venue offers a sectioned area this is NOT a private venue, exclusivity is not available.
*sparklers and fireworks are NOT permitted due to surrounding forest area.

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