Playa Beach Weddings

Playa Beach Weddings

Zante Weddings Playa Beach

Located in Basilikos alongside the beach peninsula, this venue offers a tranquil natural environment for a perfect wedding.

The lovely drive to the venue allows you to enjoy a small tour of the island. On the one side there are the jutted green lush mountains and on the other side are the endless waves crashing against the shore.

Entering into the venue you will come through a forest of trees which the tranquility prepares you for the breathtaking viewpoint of the ceremony location.

You have a choice three different types of areas within the grounds of the venue still allowing for photography to be taken everywhere. Your photo album will have a huge variety of all three locations and lots more romantic spots.

The beach: The venue sections off an area on the sandy beach where the ceremony is set up. Walking down towards the soft sand provides a proper beach wedding with “sand between your toes.

The garden: This area is near the dinner reception venue which is elevated from ground level allowing fantastic views of the beach overall and easy to access.

The steps: As these lead down to the beach area they will be sectioned off for the wedding ceremony and photos thus allowing an amphitheatrical view of the whole venue. If you are not keen on getting sandy and are wanting to wear the dress/heels of your choice then this area is the next best thing to a beach wedding.

This venue is a shabby chic well kept beach bar that massively lies across acres of land allowing the airy feel of the Ionian breeze. We recommend that ceremonies take place later on in the day providing the cooler temperature and it being less busy on the beach.

A general dress code is recommended for a lightweight wedding dress with low comfortable heels, linen trousers/shirt for the groom as also the guests something breezy and comfortable with low heel shoes. With these recommendations in mind you and your guests will have a fabulous time.

The venue can cater for anything… it an intimate wedding with a simple ceremony or an extravagant day filled with an eventful itinerary.

Your eyes will be spoilt for choice will the superb views…your taste buds will go crazy over the scrumptious meals….and your body will relax with all the arrangements being taken care of by us…..

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