Turtle Beach Weddings

Turtle Beach Weddings

Zante Weddings Turtle Beach

Are you thinking about doing something different and unique for your wedding day? Something fun that isn’t stereotype to other weddings?

Located just off the coast of Agios Sostis, this wedding venue is a gem yet to be discovered. Turtle Beach is uninhabited and untouched by man. It is an important breeding place for the Loggerhead Turtle Caretta-Caretta.

This type of wedding is to enjoy a fun field trip with your friends and family. The boat ride to/from will be one of the highlights of the day as also the ceremony being short and sweet we can then focus on taking hundreds of romantic photos.

Program of the day: Your guests will be picked up from their hotel by taxi or bus and brought to the port in Agios Sostis. The bride and the groom will be picked up from their hotel with the decorated bridal car. Unfortunately, with this package, the groom will see his bride before the wedding ceremony reasons being that the couple need to arrive together in the boat.

Everyone will meet up at the port and await the arrival of the boat that will be transferring all of us to the beach. The group along with the bridal party and of course the necessary persons such as the photographer, wedding coordinator, staff etc will all be on the same boat.

When reaching the beach a small boat will moor next to the big boat to take all the guests, the couple and coordinating staff to the beach in several trips. This type of wedding is literally for those couples that have dreamed of their beach wedding having “sand between their toes”. It would also be smart to have a simple style dress-code seeing that we shall be taking off our shoes and getting our feet wet. It is wise also that your guests are dressed simple with flip flops and not high heel shoes.

What a romantic place to read a few poems and exchange your love for each other amongst family and friends.

Our photographer will then wave his magic wand to capture the most romantic moments of the couple and everyone that was there to experience this lovely occasion.

As the sun sets we make our way back to the port where our field trip began. Here our bridal car waits and the transfer accordingly for your guests to be taken to the reception.

Receptions can be arranged in a variety of beach-side venues. You and your guests will enjoy dinner as the sunsets over the Ionian sea…the perfect finale to a lovely adventure!

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