Zante Weddings Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS (accommodation)
When booking accommodation 30-50% deposit is necessary for all studio, apartments and villas (each property has its own percentage).
All deposits can be paid by credit card details over the phone or bank transfers.
Some deposits for accommodations may be non-refundable please ask us for further details. (each property has its own T&C)
All transactions will be confirmed by email.
The accommodation balances usually can be paid a few days before your arrival or when you arrive. This will be confirmed with you on your invoice depending on what accommodation you have booked.

When booking your wedding date a 400€ deposit is necessary.
When booking your reception venue separate to your wedding venue a further 200€ deposit is necessary.
All deposits are deducted from the total costs.
Deposits for weddings are non-refundable no matter how early you have booked your date and no matter what your reasons are for canceling.
All deposits can be paid by credit card details over the phone or bank transfers.
All transactions will be confirmed by email. Your receipts, confirmation letter, and invoices shall be posted to you. All further transactions are confirmed by email; we do not post any further hard copies.
During our pre-wedding meeting, you are required to pay 50% of the total amount due. The rest of the balance is paid during your after-wedding meeting.
All balances are to be paid in Euros cash preferably. If you pay in Pound Sterling cash or travelers cheques, these will be exchanged by the going rate within resort at the time. Credit card surcharges 2% Bank surcharges15€ Euro cheques there is a 2% surcharge. Private cheques are not accepted for final balances.
During our after wedding meeting we shall drive you to the town hall to register your wedding and receive your Greek Marriage Certificate. The translated English copy of your certificate will be posted to you 3-4 months. Any DVD ordered through us will be sent to you by registered post up to 5 months later. Your photo link takes up to 6 weeks to process.
There are times when the legal wedding will need to be done in the town hall before the actual ceremony due to unforeseen circumstances as well as bank holidays and weekends. In some cases the wedding date on the marriage cert is not the same as the actual wedding date. Ask us for futher detail

TERMS & CONDITIONS (throughout your planning procedure)
Remember that you need to start on your paperwork 4 months before your wedding date. Any delay may result in the legal process not being able to go through the specified channels on time . (Tsilivi Travel nor the UK Bridal Consultant take any responsibility for any delay in papers resulting in the cancellation of your wedding)
Any legal paperwork/fees done in the UK either through The Bridal Consultants or if you are doing your own paperwork are not included in the all-inclusive packages that we offer. These services and fees are paid and rendered for in the UK.
We reserve the right to replace your chosen items with something else from the list depending on availability.
Please note it is mandatory that the arrival of the bride is organized by the planner
Please note that our photographer is mandatory in our packages
Very few times your music CD’s / USB’s are not readable by equipment; we hold no responsibility for this.
We cannot be held responsible if anything gets lost, damaged or for any postal delays regarding your photos, video or marriage certificate. For added peace of mind and security you can request special courier door to door service for an additional price
We as wedding planners will do our best to cater on the day with the next best available venue but cannot be held responsible for any weather conditions that may affect your wedding which is beyond our control. Purchasing wedding insurance may be a wise choice.
We cannot be held responsible if a venue goes bust, sales of a venue, revoking of license or any natural disasters. For added peace of mind please purchase wedding insurance.
The weddings and reception venues are not private for your group unless stated so or unless you have paid hire fees for this.
Prices of packages and extras may change without prior notice. Please budget for a small increase per year.
Some venues charge ceremony fees if you have your reception elsewhere; please ask us for confirmation if any fees apply to your preferred venue
Photos that accompany the packages on this website or otherwise, may not reflect the package 100%. Everything that is stated in your package is listed in great detail. If you have any questions on what is included in your package please bring it to our attention so there are no mis-understandings.
The time of your wedding ceremony will be confirmed during your pre-wedding meeting. The Registrar has the right to change the time even a few hours before the wedding. (this very seldom happens) If it does, you will be notified immediately. You can also request a time.
We cannot be held responsible for any changes such as increase in registrar, ceremony or town hall fees, change of paperwork required or anything else that may effect your wedding. When we are made aware of any changes you will be notified immediately.
Please note that if the after wedding payment is not paid we reserve the right to not provide you with your Greek marriage certificate, your photos, and your video.
If you do not have a trial we cannot be held responsible if you do not like your hair/make up on the day of your wedding refunds will not apply.
We DO NOT accept ANY outside suppliers within the wedding itinerary.
Any damages to venue property and /or decorations will be charged to your account.
Verbal, physical abuse or bullying to any member of staff will not be tolerated.
When you email us regarding a request or information on our services your personal data is automatically kept in our email backup
If you fill in one of our booking forms and book with us this personal data will be kept in your file forever. If you do not book with us this booking form will be destroyed usually a month after your enquiry.
If you then proceed to pay your deposits we will keep your credit card details in your file for any future payments with your consent.
Your personal data will be always kept in your file in the town hall (wedding).
We do not share any of this data except with the specified sources that your booking needs to go through (ex: town hall, registry office, accommodation owner, photographers etc)
We do not send spam emails at any stage in time.
Your credit card information is destroyed usually a month after your wedding date.
If you do not want us to share your photos on social media, websites etc. please let us know.

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