Zante Weddings Meet The Planners

When booking your wedding it is important to know who will be taking care of your special day. Our company is based on the most important concept: team work. We all work together to provide you with a perfect day full of long lasting memories. Meet your planners: Frances, Heather, Jade, Clare who will be taking care of all your needs before, during and after the wedding; Olga who takes care of your administration; Akis your chauffeur and let’s not forget Kostas and Giannis who are the men that do all the heavy work.
TWO wedding planners are appointed to all weddings that have receptions to follow. This gives you total peace of mind that there will be more than one planner at your wedding making sure everything runs as smooth as clockwork. Isn’t it great to know that if anything happens you have 8 persons taking care of all your planning needs?

Zante Weddings Check The Signs

One of the most important aspects of choosing a wedding agency is to make sure that they are a fully licensed travel agency. By Greek law it is obligatory to be licensed by the Greek Ministry of tourism in order to be a legitimate provider of travel services and organize weddings in Greece. Make sure you check the signs: HATTA (Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies), EOT (European Organization of Tourism- GNTO) and AEWP (Association of European Wedding Professionals).
Would you trust the most important day of your life to just anyone?

Zante Weddings Our Offices

Welcome to our offices. Here you will be greeted with warm a smile from Olga. While you enjoy your a cup of coffee we discuss the most important day of your life in our private offices. Our showroom allows you to have a real feel of how your reception will be set up. An environment specially made to make you feel welcome and allow your imagination to flow full of romantic touches.
When asked: Why don’t you meet us at our hotel for the pre-wedding meeting?
One of our many answers are:
It is very important to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate business. The only way to be able to make sure that you are in good hands is to visit the company’s offices not a P.O. box or someone working at home from their laptop.
Sitting in the lobby of your hotel with other tourists around listening to you plan your wedding with all your intimate details …is surely not how pre-wedding meeting should be.

Zante Weddings Our Fleet Cars

When organizing such important events transfer always plays a significant role to making your day roll smoothly. We are very proud to have TWO black Mercedes Avant-garde on our fleet to be able to provide you with top quality. We do not use taxis that have their natural wear/tear of everyday use as also the rush/rush attitude of the drivers. Your private driver will deliver you to your venue with 5* style service fit for a king. Why settle for anything less than the best.
Our staff has two huge carrier vans to be able to transfer all the wedding items to/from the venues. Our jeep will be at your dispense when you will be taken by your private planner to the town hall for your appointment.

Zante Weddings Behind the Scenes

Countless hours of preparation is put into making sure everything is perfect for your big day…..we love our job and it shows on our smiles!
Starting from your pre-wedding meeting…. Frances will meet with you and go through all your orders/itinerary in great detail…..Heather and Jade will decorate both your wedding and reception venue with the utmost care to make sure everything is tailor made to suit your needs…… Kostas, and Giannis make sure all the heavy items are transferred to the venue and mantled into place…..Akis will be your private driver bringing you to your venue….finishing off with Claire taking you to the town hall appointment a few days after your wedding.
Your planners will be with you every step of the way; welcoming your guests, preparing you with your rehearsal, seating your guests for the ceremony, arranging the music for you, serving the champagne, setting up your family photo shots, seating you for dinner with your seating plan, sorting our speeches, announcing the first dance and finally surprising your guests with fireworks!
No task is too big or too small for us. Let us help you plan your perfect start to your new married life together…stress free….with Zante Weddings by Tsilivi Travel.

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