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Cameo is a tiny little island off the shore of Laganas Bay. The beach cove area can be offered privately for your wedding ceremony and/or your reception. This shabby-chic venue is surrounded by a forest of trees and jutted cliffs enhancing its natural beauty given by nature. During the day this little gem is a tranquil refuge for a swim and drink away from all the hustle and bustle of mass tourism. Its petite beach area has a pleasant atmosphere that helps you unwind and recharge batteries and when the stars come out to play, so do those who want to enjoy a very popular beach party with music and a light show accompanying the tunes.
Cameo is the ultimate island experience for the true lovers of the sea and is transformed into one of the most romantic wedding locations even the most vivid imagination could conjure up with the decorations being as simple or as exotic as your heart desires… literally your own personal paradise.
It has a fairytale entrance across the rustic wooden bridge that is almost reminiscent of Robinson Crusoe tales and the sapphire and emerald waters meet rugged little cliffs with the green of the island literally almost spilling over into the sea.

· The beach cove area can be hired privately for your wedding ceremony
· Upstairs private area also available for reception free of charge
· Receptions be catered for at other venues;
Vezalis Beach being the most popular as it is only 10 min drive away
· Due to the set-up of this venue simple dress code and sensible shoes is highly recommended.
· Not accessible for disabled and prams
· Cameo caters for two weddings a day
· Maximum amount of persons about 70
· Offers very basic BBQ buffet only; alternatively catering can be brought in or we can transfer to another venue for your reception
· Directors chairs for ceremony only; dressed chairs can be hired
· If reception is booked dressed chairs are included
· Top table / round tables available for reception set up
· Weather permitting

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